American Idol premiered this week and people are talking. Talking about the new judges panel that is! Keith Urban returns but with two new judges. Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez is back. 

I have to admit I pretty much stopped watching the season when Steven Tyler joined the judges panel. Yes, he's talented but there was something missing. Then when Keith Urban came on board I watch a little bit. I love Keith! But, I don't know maybe I was just getting tired of the singing competition thing. No, actually it was the divas that were judging with Keith that was the turn off! Keith was great, but it was hard to watch Nikki Manja and Miriah Carey go after each other. Keith looked uncomfortable and irritated and I was too!

But this season? AWESOME! I'm excited about the show again! The combination of Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. is great. The chemistry and humor is a welcomed surprise. Keith is great at constructive criticism, Jennifer breaks the bad news in a nice way. Harry fits in perfect! He is hard to impress, but he's not a big ol' meanie about it, like Simon was.

American Idol is BACK! I think this will bring the ratings back and I can't wait it see this show regain it glory and be better than it ever has been!

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