Texas A&M University Texarkana’s Program for Learning And Community Engagement (PLACE) has chosen “The Southern Experience” as the theme for this year’s programming. Today, if you eat at TLC between 10:30am – 3:30pm and mention 'TAMUT' a portion of their proceeds will be donated to PLACE and local charity/non-profit organizations.

The theme is incorporated in a wide array of activities and programming throughout the campus. Activities and programming include faculty lectures, student presentations, guest speakers, a common reader, symposium of community members, and by incorporating the theme into courses, student debates, the university library book club, and dramas.

According to a press release, The PLACE Lecture Series is a series of organized discussions designed to generate excitement and engagement both at the university and in the community at large. The goal of PLACE is to facilitate learning and collaboration among students, faculty, and community members by providing opportunities to discuss and debate a common theme, which allows TAMUT to develop and nurture a broad community of learners. This year, many of these lectures will be virtual, giving rise to a new era in PLACE programming.

This year, PLACE will also be hosting off campus community events, called “Our PLACE” where the program partners with local restaurants to do bi-monthly events centered around southern cuisine. Our PLACE events feature a virtual mid-day lecture tied to the cuisine chosen for each event and discusses how it is

involved in southern culture. Participants can choose to dine in, or get their food to go. Either way, a portion of the proceeds from these events is donated by the restaurant to help different charities in Texarkana and the surrounding area.

The next Our PLACE event is scheduled for today Friday, October 2nd at TLC Burgers and Fries. The Zoom lecture will take place from 12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m., and will feature Dr. Angela Jill Cooley, Associate Professor of History at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Dr. Cooley will present a lecture titled “The Hunger Belt: Food Access and Civil Rights Activism in the Rural South.” Anyone who dines in or gets food to go from TLC between 10:30am – 3:30pm and mentions TAMUT will have a portion of their proceeds donated to PLACE and local charity/non-profit organizations.

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