After everything that has happened with AEROSMITH over the past two years ...

The tour canceling, the public bickering and fighting, the break-up, the reunion... and basically, all that happening again when STEVEN TYLER landed the "American Idol" gig .... it looks like Aerosmith is finally ready to get down to business again.

That's because they're going to begin collectively working on their next album this weekend... or so says Steven Tyler.


While out promoting "Idol", Steven said, quote, "We've certainly been writing.  I know [guitarist] Joe [Perry]'s got some licks, and I got a bunch of songs that I've written for [myself] and / or Aerosmith.

"I will be flying out of New York and be back in L.A. [to] watch the premiere.  I get Thursday off, and Friday I'm writing with [producer] Marti Frederiksen, and Saturday we're into a writing program with the band."

So it sounds like the plan is for them to be recording in L.A. while Steven is doing "Idol"... then hit the road during the show's off-season.

Steven explained, quote, "We're already booked for a tour for November [and] December, that should be South America and Japan... so what you hear in the press of Aerosmith getting in the way of 'American Idol', it just isn't so."

By the way, on "Letterman" Monday night, Steven finally admitted to NOT being sober when he fell off the stage and broke his shoulder in August of 2009.

(That was the incident that started what has been a virtually endless stream of bickering and controversy that surrounds Aerosmith to this day.)

Steven said, quote, "It's not any news here about my drug use and addictions in the past.  A couple years ago, I was [using the sleeping pill] Lunesta because of some problems with my feet."

He began SNORTING it . . . and that's what he did before that show.

Steven added, quote, "That shows you what kind of a drug addict I was... I was looking for any excuse to get high ... not anymore."

(So, What do you think? With all that's been going on, do you think they will be recording anytime soon, or is Steven HIGH? Leave your comments.)

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