The members of Queensryche that split with vocalist Geoff Tate last summer have signed a new record deal with Century Media Records, and announced their first album with vocalist Todd La Torreis on the way. Century Media is a company whose A&R representative officially supported Tate’s injunction to prevent anyone from using the name Queensryche until legal issues were settled. That injunction was denied last July.

The new album will be released on June 11, according to Billboard. The album’s name was not revealed, but it’s now clear there will essentially be two Queensyches for fans to choose from in 2013. Furthermore, Tate is signed as a solo artist to InsideOut records, a label associated with Century Media.

Drummer Scott Rockenfield is excited about the upcoming album with La Torre. “After 35 years I guess I’m gracious and honored that we have people that are that enthusiastic about the band, so we’re really happy about moving forward with them,” he told Billboard referring to Century Media.

The group’s battle with Tate and his wife (ex-band manager Susan Tate) is ongoing. Paul Gargano was the one who voiced support for the injunction. He is the label manager at InsideOut Music but Billboard reports that he will not oversee Queensryche. Rockenfield and his new label showed no concern for a potential conflict of interest.

Tate revealed his Queensryche lineup late last year and after some personnel shuffling they are reportedly going to release their own Queensryche album later this year. Both outfits plan to tour, with Tate and company planning a ‘Operation” Mindcrime’ anniversary tour, and Rockenfield, La Torre and company beginning the Return to History Tour on March 5.

A trial date to beginning settling the legal issues between both parties is set for Nov. 18. Tate was fired in June 2012 after an altercation between band members. The details of the altercation are contested by both parties.

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