The first full day back at work yesterday and I did my good deed. As I was walking down the halls at the studios yesterday morning, a co-worker tried to scare me by pointing out a lizard on the floor!

Probably, much to his surprise, I said "Oh, I love those lizards!" And then my mission began!

Poor thing! Who knows how long Richard had been in the building. Yes, Richard. All geckos at my house are named Richard. It started a few years ago, when my neighbor dear friend Pat, saw a gecko (or is it a Anole?) in the yard and named him Richard. Ever since, the name has stuck for any gecko!

Oh, yes! Back to my mission! So, I decided that I really needed to get Richard outside so he could eat and that no one would step on him. Well, I didn't realize how tough it is to catch a lizard! Richard ducked and dived all my attempts and ran down the hallway to where the copy machine is located. He ran in between boxes of printing paper then over to a corner where we have a few old computer monitors. Ah, a safe haven for Richard... for a while. He peeked his head out, yep that human is still there!

I carefully start moving the monitors and finally he is exposed! With no where to go, I'm able to scoot him into a small trash can.

Pose for the camera Richard!

Scott Mills/Townsquare Media

The mission was almost complete! I released him out in the back of the building near some bushes and told him to eat and live well. I can't be sure, but I think he was most appreciative as he scurried away and up the bush.