When I think of waterfalls, I think Hawaii. However, did you know that some of the most gorgeous waterfalls are actually found right here in the natural state of Arkansas?

With all the stress of the coronavirus pandemic, the best way to destress is taking a road trip through the mountains of Arkansas to view some of the best waterfalls around. There is just something magical, serene, and peaceful when it comes to seeing a waterfall. But as most of you know, it's better after a hard rain when the falls are at the top of their game, or should I say mountain.

Let's take a look at the Top 6 Waterfalls in Arkansas.

Falls Creek Falls

The Falls at Lake Catherine is just a short, skip, and a hop from Texarkana. The best time to view the falls here is after a heavy rain of course. The heavily wooded forest cut through the Quachita Mountains near Hot Springs is a thing of beauty. Imagine would it would be like to rest your tired feet here.

Cedar Falls - King's Bluff

Located at Petit Jean Mountain near Morrilton features one of the two tallest free-falling waterfalls in the state. A 95-foot waterfall that is surrounded by massive boulders and forested trees makes this destination well worth the drive from anywhere.

Tanyard Creek and Waterfall Bella Vista

Located in the heart of NW Arkansas Tanyard Creek and Waterfall at Bella Vista has a beautiful nature trail that lets you understand why Arkansas is known as the Natural State.

 Falls at Lake Leatherwood Dam

Located in Eureka Springs, the falls at Leatherwood is formed by one of the largest hand-carved limestone dams in the country. Several of the park structures were built in the early 1940s. Talk about a wall of water this waterfall is pretty impressive.

Bowers Hollow Falls

Located in the upper Buffalo River region in the Ozark Mountains, this trail is serious for hikers and mountain climbers who want a little adventure in their life. Also, take a look at several other waterfalls that are worth putting on your bucket list here.

Hemmed-In-Hollow Waterfall - Buffalo River, Arkansas

Located in NW Arkansas near the Buffalo River this is one of the tallest waterfalls between the Appalachians and the Rocky Mountains standing tall at 201-feet.

So, no matter where you travel in Arkansas this summer, you are bound to find wonderment, adventure, and beauty in the state of Arkansas. Are you ready to explore?

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