Simms, DeKalb, Maud, and New Boston Volunteer Fire Departments all responded to an explosion and fire Tuesday night on Country Road 4242, a little West of New Boston, upon arrival fire crews and Bowie County Sheriff's Deputies discovered three bodies inside the small building.

The Press Release said it was a shop building on fire with indications that an explosion had occurred there leading to the fire. During the process of extinguishing the fire is when the bodies were found.

All three victims had passed away from their injuries. The three victims were identified as Steven Granbery, 60 years of age, Cynthia Granbery 55 years of age and William Barnes 65 years of age, all of Simms, Texas. The Granbury’s are the owners of the property where this fire occurred, according to the report.

Judge Mary Hankins has ordered the three victims be sent for an autopsy. The cause of the explosion and fire is currently under investigation. There was no initial evidence of foul play found at the scene of this fire.

If you have any information that may be helpful in the investigation please contact the Bowie County Sheriff's Office at (903) 798-3149.

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