Don’t taunt the talent, don’t touch the talent, don’t look the talent in the eye! Okay, most of the time rock and metal dudes are easy-going, but here are 10 instances where fans got the rough end of an encounter.

A great American once said, “Unleash the fury!!!” when attempting to feed a mouse to a snake in the movie Road Trip. That snake ended up latching onto that man’s hand… and in this analogy, the musicians are the snake.

When it comes to fighting fans onstage, few can surpass the Misfits. Back in the band’s early days, Glenn Danzig took down a fan who tried to grab his mic, nearly starting a riot in the process. Gargantuan guitarist Doyle has also been known to introduce his fists to fans, so we made sure to include him, as well.

Fights between bands and fans truly are anomalies except for one case — GG Allin. If GG didn’t beat the crap out of multiple concertgoers (or get his own ass kicked) during a show, fans probably would have asked for their money back. Thankfully, the self-proclaimed king of the underground left plenty of videotape behind for us to enjoy in the wake of his relentless self-destruction.

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