Everyone from this part of the country knows that there are certain words and phrases that all the locals say. Take Texarkana for instance. Did you know that most folks from here do not pronounce Texarkana the right way? They say "Texakana" and leave out the r. But what words or phrases do folks from Arkansas say that you need to know to sound local?

Arkansas slang as it's is known as words and phrases that all Arkansans say that you need to know if you are planning to move to the 'Natural State'.


1. "Uwantto" You Want to. It is actually said as a single word as in uwanto? It is a question that you ask someone if they want to go somewhere with you.


2. "Ya'll" is a term we all use but it is used to describe a small group of people. You all just sounds funny to me. My poor phone has the most trouble with this word when I do the talk to text.


3. "Bowed Up"  is a term used for running out of patience. I am getting all bowed up on this guy and his political views. It is also a term for someone getting ready to fight.


4. "Madder than a wet hen". I have heard this from more than one person. It is definitely a sign of them being very mad about something.

5. "He ain't the sharpest tool in the shed". Is a statement of the person not being the brightest, or smartest person out there.


6. "I got it from the gettin place". This is usually a smart-mouth response to someone asking where you purchased that truck or a new item of clothing.


7. "Tumped". This is a term I have used my whole life. We 'tumped' the boat over. Tump that bucket over so we can use it are just some of the ways you can use 'tump'.

8."Yourmommaandthem" A term I hear almost every time I get around someone I have not seen in a while it usually comes out as one word. But it does mean to ask how is my family doing.


9. "Bless your heart". For those folks not from the south, you might think this is a term of endearment. But is actually someone saying ooh you poor thing, or you just can't help that you are a little dumb.


10. "Stick a fork in me" I am done. I'm full. I'm so tired of this. There are actually, many different uses for this phrase.

Did we miss any? Let us know what we need to add to this list.



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