We may have had a cool spell but hot temperatures are back and there are no, ifs, ands or buts about it. August is hot in Arkansas and in Texas for that matter. We've heard about the hot temperatures in the northwest portion of the United States and Canada, but down our way, we know how to keep cool.

Even if we had no lakes, pools, or air conditioners we would still stay cool with what we eat and drink. Here is a list of 6 things that we eat and drink to stay cool when the temperature in Arkansas goes up.



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Whether you have kids or not. These are a must in every freezer. and they are cheap too!




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That would be Sweet Iced Tea. Sure you can get unsweetened but what's the fun in that. My husband who is from England still doesn't quite get the "Iced" tea, he thinks the only way to drink it is hot.



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These colorful treats are loved by all ages and they are sure to cool you down. But if you aren't careful you could get a brain freeze too!  We have a list of Sno Cone Huts in our area.



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Seriously, not just any ice cream. If you live in our area it has to be Blue Bell Ice Cream.




Okay, these are good any time of the year but when it's hot outside it's a great excuse to have one or two. Great Margaritas can be found at Zapata's downtown, El Chico'sCaminos De Guanajuato and On the Border just to name a few.



What makes this so true and important is that the best-grown tastiest watermelons in the country come from right down the road in Hope, Arkansas. And once you taste one you will agree. Oh, and there is nothing like a cold slice of watermelon to make a hot day all good again.

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