28-year-old Daren Abbey has swastika tattoos to show the world he's a white supremacist... but he should probably pay more attention to the groups OTHER people belong to.

Over July 4th weekend, Daren picked a fight with 46-year-old Marlon Baker at JD's Resort in Bayview, Idaho.  He told Marlon, quote, "blacks aren't welcome here" and threatened to stab him if he didn't leave town.

When Marlon left the bar, Daren followed him into the parking lot and shoved him.  That's when Marlon threw a straight right hand that broke Daren's nose... and knocked him out with one punch.

Daren might have known how the confrontation was going to end if he'd taken the time to read the back of Marlon's T-shirt... which said, quote, "Howard Street Boxing Club, Spokane, Washington."

Marlon wasn't arrested for anything, since several witnesses supported his version of events.  Daren was charged with misdemeanor battery and felony malicious harassment.

And his mugshot is great, because he's got bandages on his face, and a tissue shoved up one nostril.