For the last few weeks it has just been getting worse... that funky, algae, dirty pond smell, and taste in the Texarkana drinking water. I keep meaning to say something, but I think the water could be having an effect on my memory... (keep in mind, my opinion holds no value in the scientific community whatsoever).

We went to a new local restaurant the other day, (GENGHIS GRILL, which was really good, strange way of doing things for the money, but good), and the kid serving our table warned us about the water in the iced tea... we actually had to wait about 10 minutes into our dinner before the clean ice arrived at the restaurant for our soft drinks. That's right, the management went and bought ice from somewhere else, to keep the stock pond flavoring out of their sodas, and bar drinks.

I took a shower, (yeah... just one) and as the hot steaming, pond funk aroma filled the bathroom, I thought of the movie "Caddyshack". The scene where Chevy Chase's character is telling groundskeeper Carl, that he has a pool, and a pond... "the pond would be better for you".  That's a great movie. Then, I believe it was the fumes that made me forget to say something... (again, most scientist think I am really, really cool, awesome, and fun... but science dumb).

It wasn't until I went to Walmart, (which by the way, is even more of a nightmare with all of the remodeling going on), their bottled water supply was low, and that's when I realized that this is a pretty big deal all over town.

If folks have been talking about it, I have completely missed the conversation. I know quite a few people on well-water, and my daughters drink bottled water all of the time anyway, so maybe that's it... and it's quite possible that the coffee I just purchased to try out recently, didn't suck as bad as I thought it did... It was just the Texarkana water.

So, my question is... What do you think of the water lately?

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