I'm not much of a drinker, but like my daddy did, I do like some homemade Muscadine wine. A buddy recently brought me a batch I wanted to tell you about.

My longtime friend John Seay started making wine eight or nine years ago, and has really perfected his recipes, but what makes John's wine different is that they are down home wines. He uses Muscadines, Blackberries, and Elderberries that he grows himself on his old childhood stomping grounds here in East Texas.

John Seay - John's Country Wine

He starts off with picking the best berries, then steams the juices from them (HE DOES NOT STOMP THEM... I asked.). After getting the juice from the berries he adds all of his ingredients, then begins the fermentation process.

John's Fermentation Room

After the wine has fermented he then begins the "racking" process, (removing all of the sediment from the ingredients.) Then it is time to bottle the wine.

Bottling Time

John recommends waiting 10 months to a year from bottling time to consume what I think is some of the finest muscadine wine I have ever had.

(John's Country Wine is not for sale... but should be.)

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