Oh man! A couple of weeks ago, I was telling you about the documentary The Beatles: The Lost Concert. The movie was going to hit theaters May 17 and 22 in selected theaters across the country. Well, we just found out that the movie release has been postponed.

Seems there are some problems, although they don't really go into the specifics :(

“It’s regrettable that these issues have caused the cancellation of our planned limited engagement” said Darryl Schaffer of Screenvision, the film’s U.S. distributor. “We are looking forward to their resolution so we can bring ‘The Beatles: The Lost Concert’ to even more Beatles fans and theaters in the U.S.”

The film was not scheduled to show here in Texarkana, but on the bright side? This means we have more time to contact Cinemark here in Texarkana and tell them "We want to see it here!"

Call Cinemark 14  at 903-831-6084! Email them at 350@cinemark.com