I love it!! The Beatles on the big screen! There is a new documentary coming out next month, but it's not listed to show in Texarkana -  yet. Oh, come on Cinemark 14! Get on the ball!

Calling all Beatle fans! Call Cinemark 14  at 903-831-6084! Email them at 350@cinemark.com

The film centers around restored footage of the Beatles first full concert in the United States at the Washington Coliseum in Washington, D.C.

‘The Beatles: The Lost Concert’, was originally filmed for theaters, but never made it. The footage was lost for - yikes - 47 years! Wondering whose head rolled for that one!

The film also has interviews with journalists and fans that attended the concert. Plus a few artist talk about the Beatles including Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and others.

The Beatles: The Lost Concert will be shown in a limited engagement at theaters across the United States on May 17 and 22. Looks like the closest to Texarkana will be in Hot Springs? Are you kidding me? Oh, man!

They are updating theaters constantly so fingers crossed we will get it here! In the mean time? I might have to get a road trip together! The film will be shown in Dallas, Little Rock and in Hot Springs at the Central City Cinema 10 located at 909 Higdon Ferry Road.

Watch The Trailer Here