Current Bowie County Judge Sterling Lacy has decided to run for re-election after all, but this time he will run as an "independent" candidate.

Lacy who has been a "Republican", a "Tea Party member", and most recently with the "Patriots" has admonished his opponent for switching parties to run, but is now doing something similar. (He also reportedly once ran on the "Constitution Party" ticket for US Representative in Missouri, and once ran for a Kansas Senate seat.)

Lacy will register as an Independent and campaign against James Carlow, who has been accused of multiple finance violations by Lacy, and Lacy has requested investigations.

Lacy had announced he would not seek re-election . After James Carlow defeated Jeff Akin in the primary, Lacy changed his mind because of requests from the public, and he has decided to try to keep the office. Though to run as an Independent candidate, Lacy will need a petition with 500 signatures from registered voters that did not vote in the general primary election, or runoff primary election of a party that has nominated, a candidate for the office. He has until June 26, 2014 to gather the signatures and file an application with the Texas Secretary of State.

According to for a candidate to run as an independent Texas law requires:

  • Candidates must file a “Declaration of Intent to Run as an Independent Candidate” with the appropriate office – the county judge for county and precinct offices, or with the Secretary of State for state and district offices.
  • After the primary election, the candidate must collect at least 500 signatures from registered voters who (1) support the candidate’s application for a place on the general election ballot, and (2) have not participated in the general primary election.
  • The candidate must file the application and the petition with the appropriate office by 5PM, June 26 2014.