Another fascinating election season has come and gone and the question now is where do we go from here?As everyone knows by now,  President Barack Obama won re-election for a final four year term with a victory smaller than in 2008,  but a  victory none the less.

The question is whether the President and Congress will get along and take care of business or whether we will have more squabbling as the last couple of years have shown. Democrats still control the Presidency and the U.S. Senate, while the Republicans still hold the majority in the U.S. House.

Does that mean no change, divided government. I am one who hopes that this is not entirely the case, but I fear that it will be . Wouldn't it be great if the three entities would actually work toward some common ground and find some bi-partisan solutions?

The economy, the debt, social security and medicare, and taxes all need attention among many other items too lengthy to list. Sure there will be some issues where compromise will just not be possible due to the diverse feelings and solutions on opposite sides.

However, surely there are some big ticket items that can be cobbled together to make sure we do not fall off the so called fiscal cliff and fix some things so we do not pass the problem on to our children and grandchildren.

I think everyone is exhausted from politics and ready for a break, here's hoping our leaders come together and work closely for the good of America and we don't spend the next four years in total gridlock.