The Texas Department of Public Safety is highlighting some notable traffic laws that take effect as of September 1st.One new law expands the current limitations on cell phone use in an active school crossing zone to include the property of a public elementary, middle, or junior high school for which a local authority has designated a school crossing zone. The use will only be restricted during the time a reduced speed limit is in effect for the school crossing zone.

Another law amends the current statute to increase the minimum fines for the misdemeanor offense of passing a stopped school bus loading or unloading children. The minimum increase from $300 to $500, and the maximum from $1,00 to $1,250.

Another law allows a driver the option of using a wireless communication device such as a cell phone to show proof of insurance as evidence of financial responsibility.

and yet another law requires drivers to move over or slow down (as required depending on the roadway) when approaching a stationary Texas Department of Transportation vehicle with it's lights activated and not separated from the roadway by a traffic control device. This expands the state's Move Over/Slow Down Law, which already requires drivers to yield to tow trucks, police, fire, and emergency vehicles.