I can't believe that of all the countries to get upset over men using prostitutes, MEXICO is the one in the news today.  Has Mexico ever BEEN to Mexico?

Anyway, the Mexican soccer team was in Quito, Ecuador for the Copa America soccer tournament.  But they're going to be playing seriously shorthanded... because eight of their players have been sent home for patronizing local hookers.

Hotel security footage surfaced of a train of prostitutes heading in and out of the Mexican players' rooms.  The hookers also apparently stole laptops and iPads from the players on the way.

The eight players who were caught were all sent home from the tournament AND suspended for six months.  They were also hit with $4,100 fines.

These Mexican players are all under 22 years old.  They were in Ecuador while the older Mexican national team was up here in the U.S., beating the Americans in the finals of the Gold Cup over the weekend.

The Copa America tournament starts today in Argentina.