The Memorial Day Holiday Weekend is the unofficial start of Summer.Even though the calendar says Summer does not officially start until June 21, we all know that for all intent and purposes it kicks off with the Memorial Day Weekend.

Most school kids have to go for parts of the next two weeks. However, schedules are changing, it's staying light longer and the days are getting increasingly longer. These are all sure signs that Summer is arriving.

As for me, I enjoy the kids lack of homework, not having to have the rigid bed time and of course they get to sleep in later. Too bad we don't get a Summer vacation from work!!!!!! But I am fortunate to be able to take some time off during this time of year to enjoy with my family. The only thing I hate about Summer is the incredibly hot temperatures we have to endure. It seemed so much easier when you were a kid.

So its time to get ready for swimming, bike rides, catching lightning bugs, vacations and relaxed times. Enjoy it because before you know it the season will be ending and back to school we will all go.

Also, please don't forget to take a moment this Memorial Day weekend to reflect and honor those who served in our nations military and made the ultimate sacrifice, or those who served and have later passed on.