Bowie County Judge Sterling Lacy called a press conference today to the Bowie County Building at 601 Main Street to accuse former Judge James Carlow of improperly financing up to 30 million dollars, in turn costing taxpayers thousands.

At the press conference, Judge Lacy, (not a stranger to accusations and controversies with the Highway 82 Expansion Project, Lawsuits, Natalie Nichols, etc...) said,

Call me naive, but I really did believe that Bowie County could simply stop the illegal financing practices of the past, pay the price to balance the books, and avoid the blame game. I no longer believe the solution is that simple.

Lacy went on to claim that two controversies have come up during his administration because of Former Bowie County Judge James Carlow.

First, did Judge Carlow act illegally when financing the purchase of the very building the press conference was being held? Second, did changing the process have a negative effect on citizens during Lacy's administration?

Lacy will not be seeking re-election, and Carlow is currently campaigning for the office wanting to be re-elected as Bowie County Judge. The question has come up on social media pages if this was a move to assist Judge Lacy's friend and fellow Bowie County Patriot member Jeff Akin in his bid for the office.

Never the less, Judge Lacy has requested audits and investigations saying,

I have asked appropriate state and federal agencies to initiate investigations into the financial practices of Bowie County that falls into their particular jurisdiction.

Lacy went on to include that the results of the second controversy about his administration can not be investigated until after the first investigations are complete... Surely there will be a lot more on this topic in the coming days. Stay tuned.