There have been rumors floating around since before Dr. Sterling Lacy ran for Bowie County Judge that his college degrees were fakes, or at least unaccredited.  Now the Bowie County Citizen's Tribune is talking about it.

The Tribune posted an article claiming that the institution that Lacy claims to have received his Phd. from, Toledo Bible College located at 4233 Medwel Drive in Newburgh Indiana does exist, it is an online college now, but according to institution documents,

degrees offered by the bible college are not accredited by the U.S. Department of Education nor is it accredited by the State of Texas."

I couldn't find it, but did see this Facebook page. (4 people "liked" it when I looked.)

In the article Lacy said his Phd.,

Is not from a diploma mill"

I do not know Sterling Lacy.  I have shaken hands with him a couple of times, and he has always seemed to be a friendly guy.  I do not know how this could possibly effect Lacy's qualifications as Bowie County Judge, but I find it really interesting as I have seen ads from Lacy's Counseling businesses that claim a long list of advanced degrees, including a couple of Masters degrees. But in the article at the Tribune, Lacy says the only degree he has that is from an accredited institution is his bachelor’s degree from Emporia State University in Kansas. At one time, he had a whole list of degrees and credentials on his website, but the site has been suspended.

Seems like his degree from Emporia would be more than enough to be County Judge, (pretty sure you don't have to have any kind of degree at all, but I really don't know), but somebody is really doing some digging on Sterling Lacy, and this could get really interesting for the Judge that has been a big part of a lot of the... let's just say, controversy.

This was sent to me by a concerned citizen,

We will have to keep watching this, and we will let you know what we find.