How does Mick Jagger stay fit? Sounds like he is extremely active, I mean to the EXTREME! He was recently interviewed in the Pakistan Daily News and talked about his daily workout and diet.

Talk about a work out! It includes an eight-mile run, then some other cardio exercise like kickboxing, swimming or cycling. He also fits in some pilates or yoga, and a little ballet. No tutus! At least, I hope not!! Hey, Pilates, yoga and ballet aren't for sissies, they keep him limber.

As for his diet he sticks to rice, whole grain breads, potatoes, pasta, fish and chicken. He also avoids alcohol. I know it doesn't sound like a "rock star" lifestyle, but he is 68, and no doubt he's had enough rock star days to last a life time.

How else could Mick strut his stuff at his age? Remember his performance at the Grammy's earlier this year?

Keep it up Mick, You are an inspiration!

via Mick Jagger’s anti-aging secrets involve ballet - Eat This!.