The passing of actor Larry Hagman is sad for a lot of people like me, fans of both of his big  television show successes.I became a Hagman fan as a child, watching original episodes of " I Dream of Jeannie" back in the 1960's. Who couldn't like Major Anthony Nelson and his Jeannie. Hagman's interaction with Dr. Bellows,  was hilarious.

I guess the goodwill he developed from that character helped him as he took on the role of the diabolical J.R. Ewing. While J.R. was nasty and underhanded to put it mildly, I always pulled for him to prevail as he often did in the show.

He was indeed the character that people loved to hate, but still loved to watch in action. Dallas drew my attention when it began back in the late 1970's, because of where it was located and the allure of the big Texas ranch and oil business and the Texas sized family that ran it. But it was  Hagman  and J.R. that turned it into a must watch for me.

When they talked about bringing the show back on TNT this past summer, my only thought was is Hagman (J.R.) going to be on it and have a major role. If he wasn't I really would not have watched. Sure it was important to have Bobby and Sue Ellen reprise their roles, but I think Hagman could have even pulled it off without them.

Beyond the sadness of losing Larry Hagman, I guess the big question for the fans of the tv show Dallas, is can it survive without Hagman and J.R., my thoughts are no. J.R. is what Dallas is all about, he is the reason why I and many others tuned back in too see what he would do next. While the show may be a decent drama, it just will not be Dallas for me any more.

I look forward to watching the six new episodes that Hagman filmed before his death and see how the producers bring an end to J.R., but after that I probably will not watch again, because as I said Dallas without J.R., just won't be Dallas to me.

Thanks Mr Hagman for years of entertaining us and our thoughts and prayers are with your family and close friends.