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Pizza Toppings – The Good And The Bad [POLL]
Pizza, who doesn't love pizza? If you think about it pizza can get personal. There are tons of different toppings and everyone has a preference. Plain and simple my favorite pizza topping is pepperoni. It seems today the big trend is to re-invent the pizza with different toppings.
Where to Find Great Soul Food in Texarkana
Soul food, you know that good old fashion traditional food that just makes you feel good? If you're having a bad day or you're feeling under the weather, it seems there is nothing better than some good comfort food to lift your spirits and fill your soul.
Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Thanksgiving Turkey
The Big Turkey Day is almost here. There is so much preparation and anticipation. Unfortunately, it can go wrong very quickly. Here are some tips on fixing some mistakes that you might make when roasting that turkey. I posted these last year, but it's worth a repeat this year too.
Little Rock’s Riverfest Officially Set For 2017
As summer winds down us summer lovers can look forward to events for next year. So go ahead and mark your calendars! Riverfest 2017 in Little Rock, AR. will be the festival’s 40th anniversary celebration taking place the first weekend of June.

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