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How to Skin a Watermelon [VIDEO]
It's Labor Day Weekend. A lot of people will be getting together with family and friends. The grill will be fired up with burgers and hot dogs. If you really want to impress everyone I found a great watermelon party trick.
Here’s How to Grill the Perfect Burger [VIDEO]
With Labor Day weekend coming up it's always a big weekend for grilling. It's almost a guarantee that you are going to have a burger. Who doesn't love a good hamburger? There are some things to remember when grilling burgers that will make a big difference...
Drinking Games – The Painman’s Top 5
A weekend doesn't pass without a group of friends getting together for a little party. Nothing makes that party more fun than a drinking game or 2. So, here's a list of my favorite drinking games.
5 Foods Most Often Ruined By Kitchen Mistakes
There's some foods that take a certain skill in the kitchen to reach their full deliciousness. It only takes one misstep in the kitchen to turn a juicy and delicious steak into something dry and suitable for a chew toy. Want to hone your skills so you never fall victim to any of these missteps.…
Texas Company Recalls Over 90,000 Pounds of HEB Ground Beef
A company that supplies beef to HEB stores throughout Texas is recalling more than 90,000 lbs. of ground beef sold at the grocery chain. Sam Kane Beef Processors - based out of Corpus Christi - has issued the recall from customer complaints of small pieces of metal found in their beef.