Something pretty rare is happening tonight. A 'Pink' Super Moon will occur tonight.

A "super Moon' takes place because of two things. The moon orbit around the earth is actually egg-shaped and the 'Super Moon' occurs when the moon is closer to earth. And of course, the moon will be 'full' and these two things contribute to the 'Super Moon' that will be visible tonight. The reason for the 'pink' super moon name is the fact that occurs close to the blooming season in April. The moon unfortunately will not be pink. Here is a little video of the scientific reasons we get to experience these 'Super Moons'.

According to the Famer's Almanac the 'Super Moon' will be visible around 10:33 pm our time. During these Super Moon events, the moon is actually brighter and is slightly bigger because of its proximity to the earth. If you miss this Pink Super Moon don't worry we are in store for another one in May.

This next super moon on May 26th is expected to be bigger and brighter than the one tonight. This 'Super Moon' will be visible without the aid of a telescope. If you are like me and live in the city it may be hard to see with all of the street lights but it will be visible and easier to find the moon the later at night you try to find it. If you have kids that are big stargazers and like my daughter Addy that just completed her planet project. This should be a treat that you can share with them.

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