How cool is a car that demands a $5 million price tag? As cool as James Bond himself.

James Bond’s original Aston Martin DB5 is officially on the market for $4.69 million, almost 10 times the highest recorded sales price for an Aston Martin... but this is not just any plain old classic car.

It is sleek, stylish, and cool, plus it is one of four Aston Martins used in the original Sean Connery Bond flicks. This car doesn't have GPS or seat warmers, but it has some "extras" like no other... This DB5 features 13 working James Bond spy gadgets. It has rotating license plates, oil-slicks, it has a bulletproof rear window, and MACHINE GUNS!  That's right, this car has front mounted machine guns!

Do you want to pool our money together and make a bid? Of course I will need you to pitch in the bulk of it, but you can drive it on the weekends... okay?