It's almost Halloween and do you remember the classic TV cartoon It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown in which Charlie and his friends go trick-or-treating and Pig-pen winds up getting a rock at every house they went to. Of course, no one wants to get a rock as a substitute for a piece of candy. But sometimes, some of the candy you get you may as well have a rock because some candy is just downright, well, nasty.

In a recent survey done by the number one worst candy to get at Halloween is Necco wafers. I agree. Might as well be licking a chalk board. Twizzlers made the list too, but then again I hate any kind of licorice.

Brach's Pumpkins have been around forever but when you eat this candy, you might as well be dipping your spoon in a jar of sugar. I asked my Facebook friends, "What is the worst candy you don't want to get at Halloween?"

It's almost unanimous that most of them don't like the same candy.

Here's hoping you have a safe happy Halloween and get lots of great candy.