A woman was kicked out of a KID ROCK concert in Ontario, Canada, on Tuesday because she FLASHED HER BOOBS.  And she's TICKED OFF about it.

The woman's name is Andrea Irwin.  (Her age wasn't released, but we have a picture of her... a TICKED OFF picture of her... and she looks like she's in her late 20s.  And she's hot... in a Canadian Kid Rock fan sort of way.) (???)


Here's her side of the story:

There were two strippers on stage and pornographic pictures in the background with women with their breasts exposed.  It was very X-rated.  So I thought what I was doing was just part of the concert.

It wasn't Kid Rock's security that booted Andrea... naturally... it was the arena security, which was enforcing its policy that, quote, "guests are required to wear shirts and shoes at all time[s]."  Even during a Kid Rock concert.

But Andrea thinks this was a case where they could've been a little more lenient.

She says,

[Kid Rock] sells sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.  All of his CD covers have explicit content stickers... clearly it's not a place for children.  There were lots of women [flashing].  We're living in 2011.  Get over it.  It's a pair of boobs, man.

Andrea wants a refund.  And if she doesn't get one, she's threatening to sue.

(By the way... In Ontario, it has been LEGAL for woman to bare their breast since 1996.)