You might find it hard to believe, but funny men Will Ferrell and Jack Black have never starred in a film together -- until now. The pair have just signed on for 'Tag Brothers,' based on the true story of the longest-running game of tag ever.

The Wrap reports that Will Ferrell and Jack Black have signed on for the upcoming comedy, 'Tag Brothers,' based on a recent Wall Street Journal article about a group of lifelong friends and former classmates in Spokane, Washington, who spend the entire month of February every year playing a cross-country game of tag. The friends go to incredible lengths to tag each other, including breaking into each other's homes and offices. The guys have to juggle their professional and familial obligations with this raucous game for one month each year, making this game of tag the most impressive ever.

The film rights to the story were recently caught up in a crazy bidding war, with every major studio wanting to nab this promising comedic concept, but the rights went to New Line, who just signed Ferrell and Black to star -- but their participation in the film is contingent on the finished script, which is currently being drafted by Mark Steilen, who directed 'Wieners' and 'The Settlement,' the latter of which he also wrote.

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