After an intense week of voting, we finally know who Texarkana's favorite TV weatherman  is for 2013! 

Although this started out as a friendly competition among our favorite weather guys, fans and friends rallied around their choice for the coveted title of Texarkana's Favorite Weatherman. Loyal viewers told us why they chose the man they voted for and the nominees even started shared links to our sites via Facebook and Twitter, campaigning for the title and taking our poll to a whole other level. But the dust has settled, the votes have been counted and the results are in. Now, the envelope please....

Third place goes to Joe Haynes, the ruggedly handsome weather forecaster at KTBS who always keeps us abreast of impending storms.

Second place goes to longtime fan favorite Ron Young who many Texarkana residents have known for years. Many remember him long before he moved to Shreveport and started reporting at KSLA.

But there can only be one winner, and this year Texarkana's Favorite TV Weatherman is newcomer Kevin Roth, the Florida native who came to the Ark-La-Tex after graduate school and found his home on KSLA and recently renewed his contract. Congratulations Kevin! We're looking forward to watching more of your cheerful weather reports in the years to come.

KSLA's Kevin Roth Texarkana's Favorite TV Weatherman 2013

Kevin gracious thanked all his fans for their support on Facebook. Read what he had to say below!

Kevin's Acceptance Speech