This is a unique Oscar season in so many ways. For one thing, we’re still talking about the Oscars in late March and early April, when the Academy Awards are typically over and done with by mid-February. The delay is the result of the coronavirus pandemic, which postponed or canceled the releases of a huge swath of 2020 films. It also forced a lot of the titles that did come out into unusual distribution patterns. Many contenders bypassed theaters entirely, or premiered at home at the same time they played in art houses.

In fact, eight of this year’s nine Best Picture nominees are currently available to either rent or stream while they are simultaneously filling screens in theaters around the country. (The ninth already had a monthlong window on streaming, as part of Warner Bros. plan to put all their 2021 releases on HBO Max day-and-date with their theatrical premieres.) If you prefer the big screen experience and can find a theater open in your area, all of these movies are currently in limited release. If they’re not playing by you, or you’re not ready to return to a theater yet, here’s where you can find them at home (click the links to go directly to watch them online)

The 2021 Academy Awards air on April 25 on ABC.

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