Lookie what I found... TexarkanaMaps.com, a site that gives you tons of information right at your fingertips for both sides of town, which means it's "twice as nice?"

So, what are you looking for? A great place to take a long walk? How about a different park to enjoy a picnic? Maybe you need to know where to vote, and who your representatives are? Or, maybe you want to look up where the crime statistics are the worst for Bowie or Miller County? All of that and much more is now available through a new joint-venture website called TexarkanaMaps.com.

I actually found it very helpful to see who my people that vote on are from where I live. It actually answered a couple of questions I had about that.

I also learned just how far the long trail is around Brinkgle Lake, it's much farther than I thought. My wife and I have hiked the short version many times, now I know that we're going to do the long we better pack lunch.

I bet you will find quite a few new things you didn't know with just a little exploring, happy hunting!

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