As we get ready to close the year of 2016, which by the way it's been a bad year so 2016 can't come to an end fast enough, how are you going to bring in the new year?

Do you go to a club? Hang out with friends or do you just hang out at the house with family?

Back in December of 2013 the Huffington Post published the results of a survey:

Barefoot Bubbly reveals, doing so on New Year’s Eve may be overrated.

According to their poll of 1,000 adults, 66 percent of Americans plan on celebrating New Year’s Eve this year, but 54 percent of those plan on doing so at home.

The consensus, which appears to be based on revelers’ experiences going out on New Year’s eve previous years, is that the festivities rarely live up to their expectation.

What are you going to do this year for New Year's Eve? Take our poll below and let us know.


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