It took ten years for Marvel to make Avengers: Infinity War and just three days for the film to start toppling box-office records. With an expectations-defying $258.2 million opening weekend in the United States, and $640.9 million total worldwide, Infinity War immediately became the owner of the biggest opening weekend in movie history. Here’s the full box office chart:

FilmWeekendPer ScreenTotal
1Avengers: Infinity War$258,200,000$55,878$258,200,000
2A Quiet Place$10,650,000 (-49%)$2,987$148,173,301
3I Feel Pretty$8,130,000 (-49%)$2,363$29,573,561
4Rampage$7,105,000 (-64%)$2,025$77,930,557
5Black Panther$4,381,000 (-11%)$2,655$688,009,489
6Super Troopers 2$3,600,000 (-76%)$1,694$22,084,929
7Truth or Dare$3,210,000 (-58%)$1,326$35,316,995
8Blockers$2,945,000 (-54%)$1,267$53,215,490
9Ready Player One$2,435,000 (-67%)$1,030$130,683,218
10Traffik$1,620,000 (-58%)$1,549$6,572,274

As part of that weekend, Avengers also had the biggest Saturday and biggest Sunday of any movie in history. And the good news for Marvel doesn’t stop there. Black Panther, already the biggest film in the company’s history in the U.S., jumped back up the box office chart after two months of release, into fifth place for the weekend. It dropped just 11 percent from last weekend and earned another $4.3 million. It’s basically Marvel’s cinematic universe and everyone else is just renting space in it. Plus, Avengers got an A CinemaScore, and should hold up reasonably well in the weeks ahead, at least until Deadpool 2 arrives on May 18.

Second place for the weekend belonged to A Quiet Place, the family horror film that continues to perform well even amidst stiff competition from about three dozen members of the MCU. With no superheroes to speak of, John Krasinski’s film has now made $148 million in the U.S. alone, a huge hit for such a small horror film. Third place went to I Feel Pretty, Amy Schumer’s comedy about a woman who gets a bump on the head and believes she’s transformed into a supermodel. Despite Avengers’ onslaught, I Feel Pretty grossed $8.1 million for the weekend and has now made a very respectable $29.5 million after 10 days of release. Fourth place on the box office chart was Rampage, Dwayne Johnson’s adaptation of the old arcade video game. Up against Avengers, it dropped almost 65 percent from last weekend, earning just $7.1 million. Not even the Rock could stop the Marvel juggernaut.

Although it was playing on almost 4500 screens around the country, Avengers: Infinity War also had the best per-screen average of the weekend. Each of its locations grossed an astounding $55,878. Everywhere you went, Avengers was a massive smash hit. The second-best PSA was Disobedience, the new drama about a lesbian romance between two Orthodox Jewish women, starring Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams. On five screens, the film earned $241,276, for an average of $48,255. Those are great numbers, but not even Weisz and McAdams were a match for the might of the Avengers.

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