ISIS has been trying to take over the town of Kobani on the Syrian/Turkey border since September. Here are pieces of video from both sides of the fight.

Mashable posted this video to YouTube with video from journalists on both sides of the fight that they have gathered from across the internet.

Kobani, Syria is on the Turkey Border and Kurdish fighters have been defending the city from the terrorist group ISIS. If Kobani were to fall into the militant groups hands it could provide them a corridor between Turkey and Syria. The attack began September 27 with ISIS Militants attacking from the south, and on October first militants were still advancing. It's reported that on October 6 Free Syrian Army fighters joined the Kurdish forces that had been defending the city. On October 7, hundreds of Kurdish supporters broke through the Turkey - Syria border to join the Kurdish fighters defending Kobani. October 9 it is reported that ISIS Militants control a third of the city. Kurdish forces still hold the western part of the town. As of October 10, fighting continues. Even with US led airstrikes against ISIS forces, it is feared that Kobani will eventually fall into the hands of ISIS terrorists.

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