We all love Food Trucks, but food trucks just got better. Raising Cane's just announced they will be hitting the road and traveling across the country in two new Raising Cane's Food Trucks!

We have a Raising Cane's in Texarkana off I-30 and Richmond Road but can you imagine if we didn't have one? That's where these new Food Trucks will come into play. According to their website:


 we’re hittin’ the gas and heading to uncharted cities across America (well, uncharted for us at least). For almost 25 years, we’ve been serving up our ONE LOVE®, quality chicken finger meals, and we’ve picked up some pretty loyal Customers along the way. We like to call them Caniacs. And, when a Caniac tells you they need Cane’s in their Community, you find a way to make it happen…even if that means showing up on four wheels!

We look forward to seeing you in cities across America as we celebrate 25 years of ONE LOVE®.


These are big food trucks and loaded!

Check out all the unique features of our 24’ and 18’ trucks.


  • 270-degree DJ stand on the roof, complete with Video Panels
  • 4 Speakers, 2 that light up and sync with the music
  • Full-size Raising Cane’s Monument Sign on the back of the truck
  • 4 Large LED Screens on the side of the truck
  • Cane Hood Ornament
  • Custom Cane Truck Grill
  • 3 Disco Balls – that rotate!
  • Disco Ball Wheel Covers


  • Velvet Elvis
  • Todd and Cane Picture
  • Hard Hat
  • Cricket
  • Disco Ball


  • 3 Fryers
  • Full-size Toast Grill
  • Capacity to produce 800 Box Combos
  • Neon Chicken Finger Sign

You can check out more information and where to catch their food trucks across the U.S. at the Raising Canes website.

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