It is rumored that the game-streaming and broadcasting website Twitch has chosen YouTube as its new home while Microsoft and other massive companies were dismissed.

The Verge reports that YouTube is getting close to finalizing its buyout of the broadcast-streaming website, Twitch, for $1 billion. Inside sources claim that YouTube will have beaten multiple, noteworthy buyers if this purchase happens. In particular, YouTube will have been selected by Twitch over the gaming and computing juggernaut, Microsoft.

Since Google owns YouTube, it would make sense that Twitch would go with the video-streaming provider as its buyer in order to become the definitive leader in both watching and streaming live gameplay. The Verge claims that Twitch's peak traffic rivals Facebook and Amazon's numbers in terms of browsing. Microsoft may have made a serious offer to Twitch, but it is likely that YouTube was chosen over it in order to maintain neutrality during company's ongoing console war with Sony. Nevertheless, we expect an official statement of Twitch's buyout to be released soon.

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