HBO had long established that 'True Detective' would act as a stand-alone season in its first iteration, in that series stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson would only anchor the first season, with subsequent years moving into new characters, stars and stories. McConaughey in particular's career has only gone up since 'True Detective,' but is the 'Interstellar' star now open to returning?

Take this with a few grains of salt mind you, but while 'True Detective' season 2 continues the secretive casting of three new leads to populate its California setting, McConaughey recently gave a lengthy interview to Deadline in which he admitted the possibility of returning in a subsequent season. Asked about the prospects of future seasons as opposed to movie sequels, McConaughey revealed that while he'd never have agreed to any multiple-year options with HBO, the experience opened him up to more 'True Detective':

I liked True Detective, the whole series and the experience of making it, so much that I’d be open to doing another one now. At the time, I was looking at six months and not beyond that. I don’t know of a feature film I’d sign for where I’m going to say, “If this works, you’ve got me whenever you want me for the next three years.

In addition to the new season's 3 leads and California setting, we’ve had our own ideas about potential A-list talent ‘True Detective’ season 2 might look to. Beside everything we already know about ‘True Detective’ season 2, series creator Nic Pizzolatto told press previously that he’d like to focus on “hard women, bad men and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system,” though it remains unclear how seriously we should take those words.

Of course, it would also remain to be seen if McConaughey would look to reprise the role of Rustin Cohle, or create another character altogether, but what say you? Would you want to see McConaughey return to 'True Detective' in a future season, or could you prefer each new year explore different territory?

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