According to reporters at an Ontario County, NY Sheriff Department press conference, the driver Kevin Ward, was transported by ambulance and pronounced dead on arrival at a local hospital.

Authorities have an active investigation regarding NASCAR driver and Team ownerTony Stewart struck a fellow driver that had gotten out of his car during an incident at a dirt-track race on Saturday night.

Witnesses report the NASCAR driver pinched 20-year-old Kevin Ward's car and he struck the wall causing him to spin out. Ward got out of his car and was trying to let Stewart know how he felt about it. Stewart's car appeared to accelerate, to get past Ward when the car had a little fishtail, with th e back tire striking Ward, dragging him underneath and then throwing him onto the track. Upon landing in the dirt, Ward lay motionless.

Racing was suspended at the track for the remainder of the evening. Fans were told to leave. Tony Stewart or his representatives have not commented at this time. The Ontario County Sheriff's confirms that Stewart is being extremely cooperative with the investigation.

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