I saw a story this morning on HLN, about the 10 most shoplifted items from retailers.  Adweek conducted a survey with some of the top retail security experts to find out what the most stolen items are.  You may be surprised...

Believe it or not, the number one most shoplifted item is Meat... and no, we aren't talking hamburger.  According to the survey, "Filet Mignon" is what is stolen the most.  In fact, "luxury meat" thefts are up 21% since 2009.

Second on the list is expensive liquor, and it's stolen more by drunk adults than kids. Third is "small electric tools", everything from drills to toothbrushes.  Iphones were fourth, followed by "Gillette Mach 4 Razors" fifth.

For the rest of the "Top Ten Most Shoplifted Items" check out the article at Adweek.