Do you watch Jeopardy? I watch it sometimes, I know a lot of people watch it on a regular basis. Did you realize that Texarkana has been the subject of some questions over the years? 

According to the J-archive website, ten questions have been asked about Texarkana to be exact. Dating from as far back as 1987 to last summer. Below you can see the date and question that was about Texarkana. You can even click on the date and it will show you the Jeopardy game board.

So go ahead. I know you're dying to say it... What is Texarkana.


#7544, aired 2017-06-01U.S. PLACE NAMES $2000: Twin cities on the border of the "Lone Star State" & the "Natural State" share this name
#7003, aired 2015-02-11AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1200This composer learned the basics of music as a boy in 19th century Texarkana
#5921, aired 2010-05-17HARK, IT'S ARKANSAS! $1000: State Line Avenue divides this city in Miller County from the same-named city in the Lone Star State
#3807, aired 2001-03-06U.S.A. $200: Border cities in this state include Texarkana & Texhoma
#3058, aired 1997-12-10AROUND THE U.S.A. $200: Texarkana, Texas was incorporated in 1874; Texarkana in this state wasn't incorporated until 1880
#1289, aired 1990-03-22THE 50 STATES $1,200 (Daily Double): The 3 states represented in the name of the city of Texarkana
#990, aired 1988-12-16"EX" MARKS THE SPOT $400: The twin cities on the Arkansas-Texas border are both named this
#834, aired 1988-03-31"LINE"s $500: To be impartial, the main post office & federal building in Texarkana are located there
#672, aired 1987-07-07PICK "COTTON" $400: In song, they were located "Down in Louisiana just a mile from Texarkana"
#550, aired 1987-01-16GEOGRAPHIC PAIRS $400: Name of the "twin cities" on the Arkansas-Texas border


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