The Who have announced a new super-deluxe edition of The Who Sell Out with 112 tracks, 46 of which have never been heard before.

The new top-of-the-line set, due on April 23, also includes both the original mono and a stereo mix of the original album, studio outtakes and early takes, 14 of Pete Townshend's original demos, two bonus singles, an 80-page hardback full-color book and nine posters and inserts.

There will also be a two-LP stereo vinyl package, a two-CD/two-LP mono vinyl version, a two-CD edition and a digital release. The Who are already sharing several preview songs, including early versions of "Pictures of Lily" and "Odorono."

Check out both demos and a complete list of the super-deluxe edition bonus tracks below.

The Who Sell Out originally arrived in December 1967 as a loose concept record parodying society's increasingly consumerist attitudes – complete with between-song jingles and commercials. The album, which sounded like a pirate radio station, was rounded out with a pop-art sleeve design created by David King, art director at London's Sunday Times, and Roger Law of the Spitting Image television program.

Listen to Pete Townshend's Demo of of the Who's 'Pictures of Lily'

Each of the band members is featured in his own made-up print ad. Roger Daltrey was said to have spent so much time in a vat of cold beans that he caught pneumonia.

"I Can See For Miles" became a Top 10 hit, while elements of Townshend's mini-opera "Rael" would later return for 1969's double-platinum Top 10 follow-up, Tommy.

Listen to Pete Townshend's Demo Version of the Who's 'Odorono'

The Who, 'The Who Sell Out' Super Deluxe Track Listing
Disc 1: Mono Mix / Bonus Tracks
"Pictures of Lily" (original U.K. track single mix)
"Doctor, Doctor" (original U.K track single mix)
"The Last Time" (original U.K. track single mix)
"Under My Thumb" (original U.K. track single mix)
"I Can See for Miles" (original U.K. track single mix)
"Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand" (original U.S. Decca single mix)
"Someone's Coming" (original U.S. Decca single mix)
Unused Radio London ad: "Early Morning …"
Unused Radio London bulletin link: "Jaguar"
Unused Radio London ad: "Tattoo"
"Rael" (New York early rough mix)
"Sunn Amps" promo spots "Great Shakes" ad

Disc 2: Stereo Mix / Bonus Tracks
"Rael Naive" (complete with organ coda ending)
"Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand" (U.S. single version)
"Someone's Coming"
"Summertime Blues"
"Glittering Girl"
"Early Morning Cold Taxi"
"Girl's Eyes"
"Coke After Coke"
"Sodding About"
"Things Go Better with Coke"
"Hall of The Mountain King"
"Rael (remake; IBC version) / "Track Records" outro

Disc 3: Studio Sessions 1967-68
"Glittering Girl: (Take 4, 2018 remix)
"Girl's Eyes" (Take 2, 2018 remix)
"The Last Time" (Take 8) "Under My Thumb" (Take 3, 2018 remix with full ending)
"Our Love Was" (Take 2)
"Relax" (4-track to 4-track mix with Pete vocal)
"Relax" (Takes 1 and 2)
"Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand" (Takes 1 & 9)
"Relax" (Remake Take 4)
"I Can See for Miles" (full version)
"Medac" (Take 11)
"Odorono" (Take 3, 2018 remix)
"Heinz Baked Beans" (Takes 1 & 3, 2018 remix)
"Top Gear" (Takes 1 & 2, 2018 remix)
"Premier Drums" (Takes 1 & 3, 2018 remix)
"Charles Atlas" (Take 1)
"Rotosound Strings" (Take 1, 2018 remix
"Track Records" (2018 remix)
"John Mason Cars" (Takes 1-3) / "Speakeasy" / "Rotosound Strings" / "Bag O' Nails" (2018 remixes)
"It's a Girl" (aka "Glow Girl") (Takes 1 & 3)
"Mr. Hyde" (1st stage mix Take 1)
"Little Billy" (Takes 1 & 3)
"Mrs. Walker" (aka "Glow Girl") (4-track to 4-track mix, take 7)
"Call Me Lightning" (Take 1 backing track, stereo mix & jam)
"Dogs" (Take 3)
"Melancholia" (Take 1)
"Shakin' All Over" (Take 3)
"Magic Bus" (Take 6)

Disc 4: 'Road to Tommy' 1968 Recordings
"Glow Girl"
"Faith in Something Bigger"
"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
"Call Me Lightning"
"Little Billy's Doing Fine"
"Fortune Teller"
"Facts of Life" (aka "Birds and Bees" backing track)
"Magic Bus" (single version)
"Call Me Lightning" (U.S./U.K. mono single mix)
"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (U.K. mono single mix)
"Dogs" (U.K. mono single mix)
"Magic Bus" (mono, longer version)

Disc 5: Original Pete Townshend Demos
"Kids? Do You Want Kids"
"Glow Girl"
"Glow Girl" (Version 2)
"Inside Outside U.S.A."
"Little Billy"
"Pictures of Lily"
"Relax" (Version 2)
"Melancholia" (2018 remix)
"Thinking of You All the While ("Sunrise," Version 2)
"Mary Anne With the Shaky Hands"
"I Can See for Miles"

Bonus 7" Discs:
U.K. 45, "I Can See for Miles" (early mono mix with single-tracked vocal) / "Someone's Coming" (original U.K. track single mix with single-tracked vocal)
Decca USA 45, "Magic Bus" (U.S./U.K. mono) / "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (original U.S. Decca single mix)


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