I saw an insert the other day for this "Texarkana Heritage Rifle", and as a fan of firearms, I immediately wanted to buy two, but thought maybe I should get at least one.

The Texarkana Heritage Rifle is produced by American Legacy Firearms. I started reading the information about the rifle and felt myself wanting one (or two) even more. They are built on a fully functional Mossberg .30-30, (though I would probably never fire it), and there will only be 100 numbered rifles made.

There is a Texarkana Texas, and a Texarkana Arkansas edition.

They have intricate carvings of some of our area's best known people, locations, and different industries. The Korea-Vietnam Memorial, Red River Army Depot, Cotton Farming, Ranching and a distinctive portrait of Congressman Morris Sheppard among other finely etched details flanking maps of either the state of Texas or Arkansas.

(Now my desire for one of these Texarkana Texas edition rifles has not faltered, but the realization that I cannot afford one is beginning to kick in... and hard.)

Each rifle has American Birch stocks polished to a high gloss finish, all of the intricately etched engravings in both the receiver and stocks, The receiver, loading tube, and lever are finished with an extremely durable 24kt gold-plating, and each rifle comes with a custom-made French-fitted carrying case with a crushed velvet interior.

For more info, you can contact American Legacy Firearms at 1-877-887-4867. (Tell them that if they are feeling charitable, they should hit up your old buddy Jeff... wink, wink.)

American Legacy Firearms
American Legacy Firearms