Ok, I might not be real big in to cars, but my husband is. So, when I saw that the Delorean was coming back, it really caught my eye.  The Delorean Motor Company unveiled the all-electric version of the "Back to the Future" car last Friday at the International DeLorean Owners Event in Humble, Texas. The vehicle will be launched in 2013.

“What we [showed] tonight is major leaps forward,” said Stephen Wynne, owner of DMC. “We have had a few incremental updates over time, but as far as substantial updates go, it’s been 30 years.”

I know a lot of guys will be excited to see this one, my husband, John, included. Years ago I remember John had spotted an old Delorean near Dallas on our way to my parents house. The vehicle looked rough, but my husband drooled every time we past it. At a price of $90,000 to $100,000 for the new one...unfortunately, John will just have to keep dreaming.

An all-electric Delorean? Now that is "Back to the Future"!