While many acts have used the pandemic downtime to work on a new album, The Black Crowes aren't exactly in a rush to return with new music once the pandemic lifts. In fact, their main focus remains the tour they had planned celebrating the 30th anniversary of their Shake Your Money Maker album.

Speaking with AXS-TV's "At Home and Social" (as seen below), singer Chris Robinson reveals that while they have worked on some new material, touring remains at the forefront of their plans.

"Rich and I, our focus, like anyone else, is to get through this pandemic and get back to where we can do the thing we love. I miss going to see music as much as I miss playing. And I know all of our friends for many, many decades and in many different places around the world who are musicians, [and] none of us are working. But our main focus is to tour," says Robinson.

He adds, "We've been writing a bunch of new songs, and we'll get around to making a record, but we're in no hurry to do that. We wanna get on the road. We wanna do this tour. We put together an amazing band, and we wanna go out and do it."

The Black Crowes announced their reunion plans in November of 2019, but when they returned to the stage in New York City, the lineup only included siblings Chris and Rich Robinson alongside a new group of players. Drummer Raj Ojha, bassist Tim Lefebvre, guitarist Isiah Mitchell and keyboardist Joel Robinow rounded out the group for their return shows in New York and Los Angeles in which they played the Shake Your Money Maker album in full as a tease for their planned 2020 trek.

Preceding the run, the siblings hit the road for their "Brothers of a Feather" acoustic tour that started just before the pandemic hit. A 30th Anniversary reissue of the Shake Your Money Maker album arrived last month, featuring "Charming Mess," a song once considered for the lead single of the record before being left off entirely. The 31st anniversary of Shake Your Money Maker just passed on Feb. 13. At present, the band's touring is expected to resume in late June and dates can be found here.

Black Crowes Chris Robinson Speaks to AXS-TV

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