Normally when you walk into a Walmart it's expected that when you walk out you have paid for everything in your buggy, this guy must have forgotten that rule.

The first thing we noticed is he kinda looks like Samual L Jackson, but considering what's in Samual's wallet, I'm pretty sure that this is not him.

Texarkana Texas Police are currently searching for this man pictured below for walking out of the Texas-side Walmart a few days ago without paying for everything in the buggy. Oh, he scanned and paid for the case of water, but somehow forgot to scan the $175 blue-tooth speaker and the 165-Piece Mechanics Tool Set that were also in the same buggy.

TTPD searching for this man.
TTPD searching for this man.
attachment-TTPD searching for this car
TTPD searching for this car.

Accident? Maybe, but the police need to have that discussion with him in person to be sure.

Please take a good look at the photo of the suspect and the vehicle he was driving and if you can help police find this guy that would be great.

If you have any information that might help this case, please call 903-798-3116. 903-793-STOP.

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