Texarkana Texas Police are asking for your help in identifying and locating a man who is accused of allegedly breaking into a convenience store and stealing cash and items.

According to the TTPD Facebook page, the man's face was caught on a security camera at a convenience store located on Bowie Street in Texarkana, Texas.
He allegedly broke into the same store not once but twice last week. He stole an undisclosed abut of cash and several thousand dollars worth of items from the store.
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The TTPD posted;
 He managed to get into the building through the roof both times and then got away with some cash and several thousand dollars of stuff from the store. Luckily, there was a security camera recording right where he fell through the roof, so we got a pretty good picture of his face. He quickly wrapped his hoodie around his head when he saw the camera, but it was already too late.
If you know who he is and maybe where to find him or you know anything about this crime please call the Texarkana Texas Police at 903-798-3116 or if you would like to stay anonymous call Texarkana Area Crime Stoppers at 903-793-STOP.
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