Texarkana College Presents a course on 'Fresh Pasta Perfection' on October 13TH in Texarkana.

This is what Texarkana College had to say about the upcoming event:

Join Chef Tyler Standridge as he teaches you to make fresh handmade pasta, as well as learning the basics of a great sauce plus a gourmet recipe with some fun culinary techniques (can we say flambe?). No experience is required. All supplies are provided, just bring your appetite.


This is a great event that you can attend. It will take place on October 13 at the upstairs kitchen in the Truman Arnold Center at Texarkana College from 6-9 pm. Texarkana College is located at 2500 North Robison Road in Texarkana Texas.

Here is a video on basic pasta-making skills.

In the video, the chef talks about how basic pasta making is something that some people are a little intimidated by and that it is a skill you need to learn and will enhance your recipes.

Pasta with meat and vegetables

They do require you to wear comfortable close-toed shoes. The cost of the course is only $50. And you can get signed up here. This is just one of the significant upcoming events to be held at Texarkana College that you can get involved in. Future events are:

November 10th Tiramisu Two Ways

If you are interested in any of these events, you can register on the Texarkana College Events website. Keep in mind the cost of each event varies and full details can be found on the site.

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